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Access to information

The right to access information is one of the fundamental rights and freedoms stated in the Constitution promulgated by Dahir No. 1.11.91 of July 29, 2011, especially Article 27 thereof.

Article 12 of Law No. 13.13 on the Right to Access Information provides for the appointment of a person or persons to receive and process requests for information at the level of bodies and institutions concerned with the implementation of this law. Under this Article, Mrs. Amina Bouayach, President of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), appointed Mrs. Amina Salhi, Director of Communication at the CNDH, to be in charge to receive and process requests for information at the CNDH.

Based on Article 13 of the same law, the CNDH has taken all necessary measures to implement the provisions of the aforementioned law. It also provides for tools and facilities to assist the person in charge to conduct her missions.

For this purpose, the CNDH established an internal committee to accompany the person assigned to receive requests for information and assist her to conduct her missions in the best circumstances.

The application form below is elaborated by the Committee on the Right to Access Information. It indicates the conditions and methods to access information.

To submit a request for information, please fill out the application form below and send it either by direct deposit, regular mail or e-mail.

Download the application form to request information (Available in Arabic)