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Abolition of the death penalty

CNDH reiterates its firm position against the death penalty as a serious violation of the right to life

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49th session of the Human Rights Council

CNDH calls for including the role of NHRIs in the UN Special Representative reports

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CNDH General Assembly

Seventh Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the National Human Rights Council (24-25 February 2022)

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University Social Responsibility: For an inclusive and integrated university life

Mrs. Bouayach emphasizes that universities fulfilling their social responsibility makes them strategic partners and allies for rights and freedoms defenders

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First National Forum for Collective Media in Morocco

CNDH Secretary-General stresses the need to open a public debate on freedom of opinion and expression in the digital space

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Sexual extortion against women students

Supporting the reporting of abuse as a civil action against blackmail based on authority abuse

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