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Mr. Moulay Med Hamed Iraki

Diwan Al Madalim

Born in 1932 in Fès.

Mr Moulay M’Hamed Iraki was appointed Wali Al Madalim, (Ombudsman) on February 15th, 2006.

Mr. Iraki, graduate of Al Quaraouine University and then the Institut national des études judiciaires (national Institute for judiciary studies), was respectively magistrate in charge of the missions of substitute public prosecutor at the Regional Court of Beni Méllal (1959), investigation judge at the Regional Court of Casablanca, dean of the investigation judges at the same court (1965) and President of the Criminal Chamber at the Regional Court of Casablanca (1973).

After several responsibilities at the Ministry of Justice in particular as an adviser at the Ministry and president of chamber at the Supreme Court, Mr Iraki was appointed by His Majesty as honorary magistrate of exceptional rank (1998).

Mr. Iraki is married and father of three children.