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The CNDH finalizes its structures and approves its rules of procedure and strategy

The General Assembly (GA) of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) unanimously approved its rules of procedure, its strategy, its draft budget for the year 2020 and finalizes its structures during the first ordinary session held on Saturday 21 September 2019 at the CNDH headquarters in Rabat, Morocco.

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 76.15 on the reorganization of the CNDH, the rules of procedure is composed of 84 articles distributed to 13 titles. It also includes two annexes:
- An appendix related to the Code of Ethics, which sets out the principles, values and rules to which each member of the CNDH, its regional commissions and national mechanisms must respect when exercising their functions;
- An appendix related to the basic functions of the headquarters’ CNDH departments.

Furthermore, the Council has also finalizes all its structures, as follows:

- National mechanisms:
The National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture
Coordinator: Mohamed Benajiba
Members: Aicha Naciri, Mustapha Raïssouni (Rapporteur)

The National Redress Mechanism for Children Victims of Human Rights Violations
Coordinator: Abdelkarim Alaazani
Members: Malika Benradi, Najoua Achergui

The National Mechanism for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Coordinator: Zhour Lhorr
Members: Ajmiaa Haddad, Omar Bnittou

- Permanent Committees
Permanent Committee on Monitoring and Protecting Human Rights

Coordinator: Ali Karimi
Rapporteur: Mahtat Rakas
Members: Saadia Wadah, Soulma Taoud, Fatima Aarach

Permanent Committee on Promoting Human Rights Culture and Democratic Construction
Coordinator: Mustapha Merizek
Rapporteur: Zahira Fountir
Members: Aziza Bekkali kassimi, Mohammed Mustapha Laarissa, Brahim Laghzal, Driss Ben Ahmed Khalifa

Permanent Committee on Parity, Non-Discrimination and New Generations of Human Rights
Coordinator: Nezha Guessous
Rapporteur: Abdelmoutaleb Amiyar
Members: Mahjoub El Haiba, Maimouna Essayed, Fatima Chaabi, Ahmed Taoufik Zainabi

Permanent Committee on the Development of International Relations, Partnerships and Cooperation
Coordinator: Amina El Messaoudi
Rapporteur: Omar Oudra
Members: Houria Tazi Sadeq, Tawfik Berdiji, Mohammed Charef, Elie ElBaz

Permanent Committee on Evaluating and Monitoring the Effectiveness of Human Rights in Public Policies and on the Harmonization of Legislation
Coordinator: Abdelhafid Edmino
Rapporteur: Omar Adkhil
Members: Driss Sentissi, Mohamed El Bakir, Mohamed Amarti, Abderrahman Lemrani

The GA approved the CNDH strategic guidelines based on the principle of the effectiveness of rights. Through this, the CNDH aims to be an effective and accessible redress mechanism, a space for debate to promote pressing human rights issues. It also intends to be a framework to develop preventive measures through mediation and proactive intervention to prevent human rights violations.

In addition, the GA was informed on the axes and the structure of three reports, namely the annual report for the year 2019 and the two reports of the CNDH on: Al Hoceima and Jerada events. Within this context, the CNDH will continue to work in accordance with its law and its rules of procedure.

Moreover, the GA reviewed Bill 58-19 on the "Covenant on the Rights of the Child in Islam", submitted by the Government on 22 August 2019, on which the Council will develop an advisory opinion on the basis of self-referral.

Mrs. Soyata Maiga, Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) of the African Union (AU), Mr. Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, Special Rapporteur of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) on Human Rights Defenders, Mr. Mohamed Mabassa Fall, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Representative to the African Union and member of the Steering Committee of the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies and Mrs. Hannah Forster, Executive Director of the same Centre took part in the opening ceremony of the first session of the CNDH’s GA.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mrs. Maiga encouraged Morocco to adhere to African human rights mechanisms. She stated that "Morocco has a leadership role to play in this area". In this regard, Mrs. Maiga pointed out that the African community has shown interest in all interactions/dialogues among the CNDH, civil society and the ACHPR at the Forum of civil society on migration and asylum that took place in Sharm El Sheikh last April.

For his part, Mr. Rémy Nogoy said that he wishes to see Morocco ratified very soon the African Charter of Human Rights. Mr. Mabassa Fall expressed his conviction that "Morocco will undoubtedly meet the challenge of development, prosperity and dignity".