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Last October witnessed the first ordinary session of the (Moroccan) National Human Rights Council. The Council was created in March 2011 and its members were appointed later on in September.

The 24th issue of CNDH Newsletter sheds lights on this event and highlights the development of human rights in Morocco. The Moroccan new constitution provides expressly for the protection and promotion of human rights. It stipulates the creation of new and constitutionalization of existing national institutions working in the field of human rights, freedoms, good governance, sustainable and human development and participatory democracy, including the National Human Rights Council.

The Special Report provides a paper on human rights as stipulated in the Moroccan new Fundamental Law, the Universal Human Rights Declaration and international human rights conventions. It highlights the mandates of the constitutionalized institutions, including CNDH and goes through the development of the Council since the creation its former version in the nineties.

Several papers on the Council’s activities at the national, regional and international level, , for the period covered by this 24th issue, are included.

The meeting held between CNDH and the Palestinian reconciliation committee to exchange on the Moroccan equity and reconciliation experience and the handing over of NANHRI chairmanship to the South African Human Rights Commission after a two-year term are two main activities covered in this issue.

Enjoy it!

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