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Association of Friends of Cinema in Tetouan

The National Human Rights Council, represented by the Regional Human Rights Commission of Tangier, signed a cooperation agreement with the Association des amis du cinéma (Association of Friends of the Cinema) of Tetouan, in June 2013.

Under this agreement, the Commission of Tangier undertakes to involve the Association in its activities relating to the promotion of the culture of human rights; allow the members of the Association to take part in the human Rights training sessions organized by the Commission; support the initiatives and activities that the Association organizes to promote human rights; grants publications (CNDH’s and others) to the library of the Association.

The Association, on the other hand, undertakes to promote the culture of human rights among young people, schoolchildren, students and citizens, within the framework of its activities, competitions and festivals; adopt the principles and values ​​of human rights in all its activities, artistic productions and documentaries;

The agreement calls on both parties to open up to international cinema and human rights experiences; support the network of film clubs in the North, celebrate a 'Cinema for human Rights’ day at the International Film Festival of Tetouan and give an award to a film, of the Official Selection of the Festival, that contributes to promoting the culture of human rights.




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