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The Ministry of Culture

Within the framework of the implementation of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations on collective reparation, the Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH) and the Ministry of Culture signed a partnership and cooperation agreement on the preservation of memory and archive and cultural rehabilitation of areas concerned by the community reparation program. In accordance with this agreement, the Ministry of Culture, within its competences, will work on the preservation of memory and cultural rehabilitation of areas concerned by the community reparation program.

The Ministry will mainly:

- participate in the maintenance and preservation of the national archive, through inventory operations, digitalization, restoration, etc.;

- support promotional cultural activities, related to cultural diversity, dialogue between civilizations, etc.;

- promote local creativity and human rights culture.

The Ministry will also:

- encourage human development cultural activities

- follow-up the promulgation of implementation decrees, relative to the law of archive and the creation of a Moroccan archive institution;

- foster efforts to adopt a national strategy to preserve and maintain the archive.

As regards the positive preservation of the memory of former secret detention centers, the Ministry will:

- participate in their renovation and restoration and transformation to memory preserving spaces and cultural complexes, in coordination with local stakeholders (Kasbahs of Akdez and Takounit in the province of Zagoura, Kasbah of Skoura in the province of Ouarzazate and Kasbah of Kelaat M’Gouna in the province of Tingir);

- restore symbolic buildings and classify them as national heritage (detention centers of Agdez, Skoura, Kelaat M’Gouna, Derb Moulay Cherif and Abdelkarim El Khetani’s house, etc.) and participate in the preservation of local memory. As far as it is concerned, the Advisory Council on Human Rights, within its competences, will:

- conclude additional partnership agreements to support the programs of cultural rehabilitation in areas concerned by the community reparation program and the former secret detention centers;

- coordinate with the Ministry to organize seminars and events to spread and promote human rights values and principles, mainly cultural rights;

- organize trainings in the field of human rights and cultural rights for the staff of the ministry and its partners;

- facilitate coordination between the different local stakeholders, data collection and the preparation of reports on the community reparation program;

- participate in the preservation of memory and the national archive through its partnership agreement with the European Union and the Ministry of Finance.