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The Moroccan Coalition of Culture and Arts (CMCA)

The Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH) and the Moroccan Coalition of Culture and Arts (CMCA) signed a partnership agreement to promote human rights culture, in Rabat, on October 12, 2010.

By virtue of this agreement, the Coalition, within its competences, shall be committed to:

- promote human rights values and principles in its cultural and artistic activities;

- promote human rights culture through artistic events, festivals, concerts and shows;

- make creators and artists aware of the important role they can play to promote human rights culture;

- organize special artistic events and annual rendezvous for Moroccan creativity and assign artists as goodwill ambassadors to promote human rights principles.

The Council, on the other hand, shall be committed to:

- organize training sessions on human rights for the Coalition’s staff and committees, creators and artists;

- provide human rights documents and make them at the disposal of the Coalition’s staff;

- encourage initiatives and activities taken by the Coalition to promote human rights culture;

- participate in the financial and logistic support of creativity rendezvous in the field of human rights.