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624 recipients of new arbitration decisions as part of the implementation of the recommendations of the Moroccan Truth Committee

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) is organizing meetings with several groups of victims or their rightful claimants to deliver new arbitration decisions of the Follow-up Committee for the implementation of the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER) on 6 and 7 August 2019 in its headquarters in Rabat, Morocco. This operation aims to compensate victims and their rightful claimants for the serious human rights violations committed between 1956 and 1999. These cases were processed in accordance with the standards and criteria defined in the IER Final Report.

On 6 January 2006, the Advisory Council, currently the CNDH, was entrusted to follow up on the implementation of the IER recommendations to monitor the implementation of IER’s recommendations, including those relating to: individual reparation, financial compensation, social integration, administrative and financial regularization and medical coverage of victims and rightful claimants.

The CNDH expresses its apologies to the victims and rightful claimants for the delay registered to implement the aforementioned recommendations since 2012. The CNDH also undertakes to continue its actions to turn the page on the serious violations of human rights.

To this end, the CNDH will deliver the first arbitration decisions for 624 recipients among pending files. Efforts were made during recent weeks to mobilize nearly 87 million dirhams for this operation, which includes:
•   39 recipients whose files were incomplete and who submitted the missing documents;
•   80 recipients among civilian victims abducted by the Polisario;
• 28 recipients among victims whose fate was unknown and who submitted the necessary documents for the finalization of their files;
• 367 recipients belonging to the group of Ahermommou students who submitted their applications to the IER;
• 110 victims or rightful claimants having benefited from social integration.

To be noted, in line with the IER recommendations on social integration, the Follow-up Committee will finalize its technical and administrative procedures relating to supplementary pension for several victims integrated in public services or in public institutions. This Committee will also review the remaining or pending files.