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Children in protection centers: childhood at risk

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) released on Monday May 20, 2013 its report on “Children in Protection Centers: Childhood at Risk-For an Integrated Policy to Protect Children’s Rights”, at a press conference held in Rabat

In fulfillment of its mandate, the Council, upon its own initiative, analyzed the situation of children institutionalized in child protection centers and assessed the institutionalization procedures to see to what extent they comply with the standards of the international Convention on the Rights of Children.

17 child protection centers were visited. The team commissioned by the CNDH adopted a participatory approach and held interviews and met with public stakeholders (at the local and central levels), civil society associations, children and families. The gender dimension was taking into consideration throughout the entire process.

The report discusses the relevant international standards and the national legislations and proposes a set of recommendations related to: public policies, law enforcement, infrastructure, training and capacity building, redress mechanisms, etc.  

Child protection centers are socio-educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. They host, by virtue of a court order, children in conflict with law and children in difficult circumstances. They work for the rehabilitation and reintegration of the institutionalized children.


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