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CNDH delivers financial compensation and social integration to victims and rightful claimants

On Wednesday 21 December 2022, Mrs. Amina Bouayach, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), met with a group of victims and rightful claimants who have obtained arbitration decisions in their favour after submitting the necessary documents.

The CNDH granted 246 people financial compensation and social integration, which cost 21,886, 272.00 dirhams.

Within this context, CNDH Chairperson said that the financial compensation and social integration benefiting these victims and rightful claimants are not new recommendations; the Follow-up Committee is not mandated to issue new recommendations. It is rather a new step for continuing the implementation of the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER).

The granting of financial compensation and social integration is the culmination of a process that extended throughout this year and during which the CNDH proceeded to listening and consultation with those concerned. In May 2022, the CNDH also granted social integration to 98 beneficiaries which cost 3,597,222.00 dirhams.

The CNDH continues to deliver medical coverage cards, bringing the number of beneficiaries to 19,929, for a cost of 216,138,771.00 dirhams issued from the State's general budget.

The CNDH also ensured, during the current year, the coverage of medical expenses that are not included in the coverage of the National Fund of Social Welfare Organizations (CNOPS) for 16 urgent medical interventions, the cost of which amounted to 68,639.88 dirhams.

The Moroccan Pension Fund (CMR) has started distributing supplementary pensions for beneficiaries, according to the agreement signed in May 2021 related to reforming the supplementary pension for 99 victims who were previously integrated into the public service.

The Follow-up Committee continues to communicate with the families of victims so that they provide the necessary documents for delivering arbitral decisions following the IER recommendations.