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The 19th issue of CCDH Newsletter highlights the implementation process of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations, regarding the field of Memory, Archive and History. It sheds light on to the organization of several thematic meetings under the Follow-up Program of the Implementation of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations (IER2). The Program is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Advisory Council.

Representatives of all stakeholders concerned, academics, political actors, experts, civil society…, were all invited to attend. These meetings aimed to deepen discussion on the best practices to preserve memory, archive and the contemporary history of the Kingdom, through several proposals that can be realized within the framework of the Program.

In addition, the current issue draws attention to the subject of memory through a paper entitled “Reflections on Memory”, authored by Mr. Mohamed Khamlichi, in charge of Memory in the IER2 Program.

Mr. Khamlichi indicates in his paper that “the strategy of positive preservation of memory, in any country, officially and publicly, constitutes one of the strongest guarantees to learn from past serious human rights violations”.

The issue deals also with the dynamic activities the Council launched in November 2010. It sheds light on a project launched to organize women working in the informal sectors in the region of Souss Massa and the organization of a three-day workshop for the coordinators of citizenship and human rights education clubs in Azilal, Beni Mellal and Fqih Ben Saleh, in addition to the organization of awareness days in Hay Mohammadi on the community reparation program and a seminar on the role of media in human rights education in Ouarzazate.

At the international level, this issue sheds light on the participation of the Advisory Council on Human Rights in two meetings held within the framework of the Arab-European Human Rights Dialogue on migration and terrorism. Besides, it draws attention to the several meetings held by CCDH President, Mr. Ahmed Herzenni, with German officials when he was in Germany to participate in TV show on Memory in Morocco and Germany.

November 2010 was characterized as well by the organization of a training session for CCDH regional officials and local stakeholders on international human rights instruments and mechanisms for their implementation. It is an important activity in the updating process of the work of the Advisory Council on Human Rights. It reflects the importance of training and continuous training in strengthening the capacities of the Council’s staff and partners to better promote and protect human rights.

Enjoy it!

The editorial board.