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France's 2009 Human Rights Award

The nominations for France's 2009 Human Rights Award are open.

This award, established in 1988, aims to reward the individual and collective field works, whether in France or abroad, regardless of the nationality of applicants, on one of the following topics:

Topic I: freedom of expression

The works and programs may deal with the promotion of the freedom and protection of expression, whether individually or collectively.

Topic II: protection of street children

The works and programs may deal with the protection of street children and all their rights, and sensitization of various stakeholders, mainly political or economic, about the causes of this phenomenon and the answers that can be provided.

The first five winners share an overall amount of £ 75,000, to be given by the Prime Minister. The subsequent five winners shall be commended. Applications should meet the requirements of the award. The requirements are available upon request or at the following website:

The applications should be in French and should include the following:

- An application letter, presented and signed by the chairman of the NGO or the legal official there;

- The objective of the project and the process of implementing it in addition to a detailed budget (preferably in £;

- Overview of the NGO (statute and achievements);

- Address and bank account of the NGO.

The deadline of the applications is September 15, 2009.

Applications should be sent to: Prix des Droits de l’Homme de la République française , Service de Cooperation et Action Culturel, 2 Rue Ghandi, BP 181, Rabat, or via email to applications should not exceed 1 Mg)