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Happy New Year! Best Wishes From Chairperson of Morocco’s NHRI

At the dawn of the new year 2022, the President of the National Human Rights Council extends her best wishes for health, well-being and prosperity to the citizens of Morocco and the world.

Today, a sense of hope abounds. Nonetheless, the hope to curb the pandemic and leave behind the state of global panic requires perseverance and ingenuity in human rights action, as a way to avert all the damages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to attest, once again, that the full realization of Human Rights is a process capable of guaranteeing human well-being, whatever the global circumstances or realities.

That the lessons learned during the year 2021 will certainly constitute a catalyst for consultations and crystallization of local, regional and international efforts in favor of the promotion of human rights, prevention of their violation, and dissemination of ideals of equality, a sine qua non condition of any society of peace, cooperation and solidarity.