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The Cadi Ayad University -Marrakech



Represented by the Regional Human Rights Commission of Marrakech, the National Human Rights Council signed, on the 26th of April 2013, a partnership agreement with the Cadi Ayad University-Marrakech, to establish a Chair for Citizenship and Human Rights and a Heritage Management Master course at the University.

Under the agreement, international speakers and experts in the area of human rights will be invited to lecture on human rights and citizenship issues. The Heritage Management Master course will aim to promote cultural rights and the preservation of collective memory as was recommended by the Equity and Reconciliation Commission.

The aim of the agreement is to exchange expertise, promote the values ​​of citizenship and human rights and encourage all initiatives relating to human rights, including awareness-raining about international human rights mechanisms. The Regional Commission shall be committed to get university teachers in the training sessions, continuing education and awareness-raining campaigns in organizes; supervise training sessions on human rights law and international humanitarian law for the students of the university; and grant CNDH publications and other available publications on the international human rights conventions and mechanisms.





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