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National Association of Human Resources Managers and Trainers (AGEF)

The National Human Rights Council and the National Association of Human Resources Managers and Trainers (AGEF) signed an agreement on the 31st of May 2013. The agreement defines the cooperation modalities between the parties within the framework of a project to promote human rights in businesses.

The parties undertake to:

- Establish a committee of experts (CNDH, AGEF, businesses, CGEM , university, ...) to develop a national expertise on human rights & business issues;

- Promote and raise awareness on human rights & business issues, mainly those relating to the fight against discrimination against women, the promotion of gender equality, the integration of people with disabilities and the fight against child labor within businesses;

- Develop a human rights charter that emphasizes respect for diversity in the workplace;

- Exchange and capitalize on the best practices of the member companies in terms of respect for human rights including respecting and promoting diversity in the workplace;

- Integrate respect for human rights in the trainings that the AGEF organize for its members;

- Train trainers on human rights &business issues;

Promote the establishment of internal remedy mechanisms that are business-specific, effective and specific to respect for diversity in business.





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