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National Symposium: Exploring Legal Challenges and Reform Stakes in Guardianship for Neglected Children

The National Human Rights Council /National Redress Mechanism for Children (CNDH/NRDC) is organizing a national symposium on « Guardianship for Neglected Children: Legal Challenges and Reform Prospects », on Thursday 25 April 2024, at 9 am at the CNDH headquarters in Rabat, Morocco.

Ms. Amina Bouayach, CNDH Chairperson, will deliver the opening statement.

The symposium aims to address the challenges surrounding guardianship for neglected children by exploring the development of an alternative guardianship system that caters to their educational, social and material needs. It also seeks to provide recommendations to preserve their humanity, dignity and identity components. The ultimate goal is to advocate for amendments to the law regulating the guardianship of neglected children, ensuring their enjoyment of all their rights outlined in international conventions, particularly those enshrined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (ICRC).

Participants will examine this subject through several points focusing on:
- Moroccan guardianship law and its practical challenges;
- Situation of children recognized as wards of the nation who have been affected by natural disasters;
- Moroccan guardianship law and foreign legal systems;
- Guardianship by those living abroad : legislation and reality.

Additionally, the symposium will feature testimonies from relevant participants to provide insights into these issues.

Representatives from the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Inclusion and Family, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Presidency of Public Prosecution will participate in this event, besides NGOs working in the field of child protection.

This press release is an open invitation to the media to attend and cover this event.