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National campaign against gender-based violence

CNDH major concerns regarding combating violence against women and girls

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Dubai Expo 2020

Any approach to equality and parity issues requires a societal culture supporting women's participation, said Ms. Bouayach

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UN Human Rights High Commissioner Dialogue with African NHRIs on COVID-19

Ms. Bouayach highlights good practices adopted by the CNDH during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Adoption of Vaccine Pass

CNDH follows up related issues to the adoption of Vaccine Pass in light of the results of actions of the Committee established by the Prime Minister

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On the eve of COP26

On the eve of COP26: Young people are the most concerned with climate change now and in the future

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Sixth Regular Session of the CNDH General Assembly

New momentum and renewed strategy based on effectiveness of rights approach furthering CNDH actions for the future

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Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between CNDH and Ombudsman

Founding joint actions between CNDH and the Mediator institution: Signing Partnership and Cooperation Agreement in Dakhla

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World Day Against the Death Penalty

Death penalty stipulated in Moroccan legislation is a punishment contradicting the right to life enshrined in the Constitution

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