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Mr. Reda Lemrini

Born on August 15th, 1948 in Marrakech.

Mr. Reda Lemrini got a diploma of engineer (Ingénieur d’Etat) in information systems (Toulouse-1972), a BA in political sciences (Rabat-1979), a certificate (CES) in international relations and a diploma from the ISCAE (1981).

Mr. Lemrini, President of the Institution marocaine d’appui à la micro entreprise (Moroccan institution of supporting small-sized companies) since 1999, headed the National Federation of Micro Credit Associations (FNAMC). Mr. Lemrini, Ex member of the Follow-up Committee of the Social Development Agency, was an advising expert at a number of organizations and institutions including, the Advisory Committee for approving the projects of Catholic Relief Services and the Ministry of Foreign Trade, where he holds since April 2005 the post of Chef de Cabinet. He worked also at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Council of Foreign Trade.

As of May 2005, he has been engaged in the process of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH). Afterwards, he was appointed as member of the jury of recruiting the inspectors of the territorial administration general inspection at the the Ministry of the Interior.