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Community Reparation: Deadline for Request for Proposals

September 4, 2008 was the deadline for the request for project proposals meant for local associations in targeted provinces by the CDG, a Moroccan financial group who is in charge of executing the program within the scope of implementing the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER) as regards the community reparation program.

The technical committee met on September 25 to review all projects received. These projects will be presented in October to local coordination bodies for approval and will be launched after the steering committee meeting in late October.

It is worth mentioning that 14 million dirhams was earmarked for the project for 2008. It benefited from the support of the European Commission, under the Financing Agreement MED/2006/18-122, and a financial contribution from the Agency for Development of the Eastern Provinces.

The project, which aims to achieve the overall objective of the Program, mainly improving the sense of fairness and contributing to the development of the regions and empowerment of communities who are victims of past human rights violations, is about the following priorities:

- Building the capacity of local stakeholders, mainly in the areas of local governance, promotion of human rights, citizenship and development approaches;

- Preserving the positive memory through the rehabilitation of places of memory, creation of spaces for the preservation of memory and collection of data on human rights violations;

- Providing support for income-generating activities among the communities targeted by the program.