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Mr. Mohammed Charef, Chairperson of RHRC of Agadir

Mohammed Charef is a geographic - urbanist and expert in the field of migration, population mobility and urbanism. He is a graduate of the Aix-En Provence regional planning institute (IAR). He holds a PhD in planning geography (University of Poitiers -1986) and a PhD in Sciences (the Free University of Brussels -2000). He is a professor of geography at the University of Ibn Zohr in Agadir and director of Regional Migration Observatory: Spaces and Societies (ORMES). He is an associate member of the MIGRINTER-CNRS Poitiers team, France, and a member of several networks and geography associations. He is in charge of the Master’s Degree on Migration and Sustainable Development. He is a member of several scientific boards. He authored several publications in the area of populations, migration and development. A visiting professor at several foreign universities including the University of Aix en Provence, the University of Metz, Saint Joseph University in Beirut, University of Poitiers, the Free University of Brussels, University of San Antonio Texas, ... etc . He is also a consultant and an expert on migration issues with the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, the Council of Europe, the United Nations Population Division, the Advisory Council of Moroccans Living Abroad, etc.