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The Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (CME)

The Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (CME) and the Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH) signed a partnership agreement to promote the human rights culture and the movies dealing with the preservation of memory and the past human rights violations.

In order to be involved in the plan to disseminate the human rights culture and build the memory, The CCM commits itself to:

- Adopt the principles and values of human rights as criteria for selecting films which would benefit from financial support;

- Support documentaries and short films dealing with human rights, the contemporary history of Morocco and the memory of the past gross violations of human rights;

- Support Mediterranean film meetings on human rights, to be organized by the CCDH;

- Raise the awareness of filmmakers to contribute to the promotion of the human rights culture;

- Put CCM archives at the disposal of researchers and filmmakers, for consultation and possible use under conditions set by both signatory parties.

On the other hand, the CCDH undertakes to:

- Organize training sessions for CCM staff in the field of human rights;

- Put at the disposal of CCM staff documents on human rights;

- Promote the films supported by the CCM and falling within CCDH tasks or whose themes come under this agreement.


Date of signature: March 23, 2009