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CNDH establishes the Working Group on reviewing the Family Code and develop a comprehensive vision

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) announces the establishment of the Working Group on the review of the Family Code, which will conduct pluralistic deliberation and discussion among national competencies, with a view to preparing a memorandum that consolidates a comprehensive vision for reforming the Family Code and combats the legal loopholes.

The establishment of this working group is part of the CNDH strategy based on the effectiveness of human rights. It aims to raise issues in relation to the requirements of the Family Code and ensure the achievement of equality and non-discrimination.

Ms. Amina Bouayach, CNDH Chairperson, stated that it is the continuity of the CNDH actions to promote women and girls rights. Since 2019, the CNDH have organized the national campaign to abolish the legal requirement for child marriage. The CNDH presented its opinion regarding the law, and criminal and civil procedures related to the rights of women and girls. It also addressed, at the General Assembly last October, the elements on issues related to the Family code. She also added that the CNDH adopted criterions such as multidisciplinary, field actions, competence and commitment to choose the working group members... Through this working group, the CNDH seeks to develop proposals for amendments that guarantee respect for human dignity, and enable him/her to choose for his/her life and ensure the best interest of the child.

The working group methodology is founded on a participatory approach based on sharing visions and enriching thought and debates on the Family Code and its harmonization with international conventions and constitutional requirements.

Mrs. Malika Ben Radi, CNDH member, is a coordinator of the Working Group on proposing the review of the Family Code.

Working Group membership:
Mrs. Soulma Taoud, President of the CNDH Regional Commission in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region,
Mrs. Zahira Fountir, CNDH Member,
Mrs. Nezha Guessous, CNDH Member,
Mrs. Zhour El-Horr, Coordinator of the National Mechanism for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities,
Mrs. Latifa Jbabdi, Member of the Executive Office of Union de l'Action Féminine (UAF),
Mrs. Jamila Garmouma, Vice President of the Federation of Women’s Rights League,
Mrs. Amina Lotfi, President of the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women (ADFM),
Mrs. Aatifa Timjerdine, ADFM Vice President,
Mr. Hassan Rahhou, University Professor,
Mr. Mohamed Sassi, University Professor.