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International colloquium on the Moroccan penal code and penal procedure code reform

Rabat, 15-16 June 2015

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) and 9 national and international organizations (the Hassania Association of Judges (Amicale Hassania), the Club of Magistrates, the Moroccan Association for Women Judges, the Moroccan Association Bar, the Spring of Dignity Coalition, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, the International Federation for Human Rights, the International Commission of Jurists and Penal Reform International) hold an international colloquium on the “Penal Code and the Penal Procedure Code: Reform Challenges”, on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 of June 2015, at the House of Representatives in Rabat.

This international gathering is fruit of an unprecedented partnership of leading human rights NGOs and the main Moroccan associations of legal professionals. It is also supported by MarocDroit, a website for legal science and studies. More than 50 statements on the penal system will be delivered in the gathering by lawyers and academicians from the faculties of law in Tangier, Salé, Agadir, Oujda, Meknes Rabat, Fez, Mohammedia and Marrakech. A statement by the Moroccan Minister of Justice and Liberties will open the colloquium. Several lawyers and researchers from Tunisia, Jordan, France, Switzerland and Senegal will take part in the gathering as well.

The partner institutions and organizations share a strong conviction that the ongoing reform of the penal code and the penal procedure code is strategically important. This reform, according to the organizers, must take into consideration the progressive provisions of the Constitution, Morocco’s treaty practice, the broad consensus on the recommendations of the National Charter of Judicial Reform and the recent international developments related to national penal justice systems.

The international gathering sets two main objectives: identifying key issues and challenges in the penal legislation reform, through discussing and examining the draft penal code and the draft penal procedure code, and coming up with key proposals and amendments to the two draft laws, for a human rights-based penal policy.

The opening session of the colloquium will be held on Monday, June 15, 2015 at the Chamber of Deputies at 9am.

CNDH contributed to the national dialogue on judicial reform and released opinions and memorandums on several related aspects (fight against terrorism, violence against women, alternatives to incarceration, etc.). The Council has made fundamental proposals concerning military justice, the penal procedure, the Statutes of Judges and the organization of the High Council of the Judiciary.