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Morocco CNDH shares its experience and expertise with the NHRI of the Republic of Niger

The National Human Rights Council in Morocco (CNDH) will meet with the delegation from the National Human Rights Commission/National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture of the Republic of Niger from 28 March 2022 to 2 April 2022 in Rabat, Morocco.

The Moroccan CNDH will share its experience and expertise as a National Institution for the protection and promotion of human rights. It will focus on the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture hosted by the CNDH.

Mrs. Amina Bouayach, CNDH Chairperson, and Mr. Maty Elhadji Mousa, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission in Niger, will launch the opening session of this event on Tuesday 29 March 2022.
This event is part of the CNDH’s actions related to sharing its expertise and experience with National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) that are members of the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI). It comes also within the context of continuing to strengthen the existing cooperation between the CNDH and the Commission.

The program of this visit includes meetings with the CNDH members and staff to exchange on its missions related mainly to the promotion and protection of human rights, handling complaints, monitoring and investigation mechanisms, following-up public policies related to human rights, cooperation and international relations, etc.

This visit is the first conducted by the new Commission members.

At this event, stakeholders will focus on the CNDH experience as a national institution that hosts the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture. The CNDH will share the missions of the mechanism, methodology and techniques of visiting places of deprivation of liberty and organization of interviews, interaction of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture with international mechanisms, elaboration of reports, Universal Periodic Review, etc.

The delegation will also visit the Regional Human Rights Commission in the Fez-Meknes region to expand their knowledge of the CNDH actions at the regional level.

The CNDH took the initiative to call for the establishment of a Network of African National Preventive Mechanisms Against Torture, within the framework of the regional symposium on “African National Mechanisms for the Prevention of Torture: Opportunities and Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond”, which is organized as part of the 46th session of the Human Rights Council in partnership with the Association for the Prevention of Torture.

In this context, the CNDH Chairperson called for strengthening the capacities of the established mechanisms and facilitating ways to share expertise and experiences among them. She also called for encouraging other African countries to set up and appoint their national mechanisms to succeed in the establishment of a network of African national mechanisms for the prevention of torture.

Download the press release in Amazigh language