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Regional Human Rights Commission of Rabat - Kenitra holds its fifth plenary session

The Regional Human Rights Commission of Rabat-Kenitra held its fifth plenary session on Friday, July 19, 2013 at its headquarters in Rabat.

This session discussed the Commission’s activities and outcome since the last session. The National Human Rights Council’s management and program implementation strategy was outlined during the session as well.

The Commission of Rabat – Kenitra was set up on February 16, 2012, in accordance with Article 28 of CNDH’s founding law. It’s mandated to follow-up on and to monitor the situation of human rights in the region of Rabat-Kenitra. It receives and handles complaints about human rights violations.

The Commission also implements CNDH’s programs and projects related to the promotion of human rights, in collaboration with the local stakeholders concerned. Chaired by Mr. Abdelkader Azrii, the Commission is made of members representing the Regional Ombudsman, human rights civil society, bodies and associations of judges, lawyers, doctors, scholars, journalists, professionals and other stakeholders working in the area of human rights.

Under CNDH’s rules of procedure, the Commission has three thematic committees: one for the Protection of Human Rights, another for the Promotion of Human Rights and a third for the enrichment of thought and dialogue on democracy and human rights.