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Bogotá and Medellín (Colombia) host El ciclo de Cine marroquí y Derechos Humanos


The Colombian capital Bogotá and the second largest city in Colombia Medellín will host the third Moroccan Cinema and Human Rights Festival (El Ciclo de Cine Marroquí y Derechos Humanos) from the 1st to the 29th September 2015. Después de Tánger. Marruecos, Hoy (After Tangier - Morocco Today) is the theme of this third edition.

The event is organized by ARTEDEA (Arte Dignidad en Acción –ONG) and the Centro para la Acción Intercultural Universitaria Ciudadana (CAPAIUC), in partnership with the National Human Rights Council, the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre, Mohammed V University in Rabat, the Colombian Ministry of Culture, the Cinemateca Distrital de Bogotá, the Town Councils of Bogotá and Medellín and the universities of Antioquia and Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

CNDH's support to this event is made in line with its efforts to promote the culture of human rights, mainly through art and cinema.

The festival will screen new Moroccan movies and shed light on the freedom, democracy, modernity and human rights values they convey. The selected films address several human rights issues, like individual freedoms, environment, gender and equality, minorities and cultural rights, childhood and children’s rights, peace, employment, youth, migration, etc.

Workshops and debate sessions with actors, film directors, institutional stakeholders, academics, and Moroccan and Colombian human rights activists will be held on the sidelines of the festival. The will particularly focus on memory, culture and national reconciliation; religion and human rights; cinema and identity, Scenario, conflict and national reality, etc.

El ciclo de Cine marroquí y Derechos Humano is an initiative launched by ARTEDEA and CAPAIUC, in partnership with the National Human Rights Council. The first festival was held in Madrid in 2014. The second was held in Barcelona in 2015.